WordPress made an example post on this blog when I signed up, using a common introductory exclamation: “Hello, world!” This is shouted from the rooftops in every programming book I’ve encountered. When all the pages of such language books look daunting with mathematics, this very simple quote gives a meaning to the purpose of computers.”This is a test, but it’s also me reaching out to you.” Suddenly, one book on communications becomes a manual to this part of life. All of the programming language books on a shelf share this outburst as a comfort to the reader.

It is the computer equivalent of musical theatre’s “Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!” It might, I dare say, have been a caveman’s first words grunted from a mountain top where roofs would later be built. My first words uttered via programming long ago might have been a little more robust with “Yar, matey, I be typin’!” The desired output is the same: a call to life.

All of us have some form of introduction, whether it be a handshake, bow, first post on a social networking site, or chapter title. This is my handshake, this quote that may appear to be distant because it’s associated with the programming stereotype of nerdy people doing nerdy things, likely closed up in a nerdy room, but which is actually the greatest announcement and start of an online life.

There will be more posts, but for now… Hello, world!