My place at college was abundant with light. While it was horrible being outside with one of my chronic migraines, I learned to use it to my advantage. My bed faced a window I had thought let in too much light. One day, for whatever reason, I opened the curtain and stopped trying so hard to relax; I took it all in as it was. The blue sky and brilliant green of the nearest tree calmed my pain. I’ve read somewhere that being surrounded by natural greenery is soothing to the soul. This was proved to me every time I opened my room to the world.

A tree in the Carolina sky.
(Click to enlarge. This photo was not edited in any way.)

Things like this don’t always help migraines. This type of ailment is a strange and harshly tempered creature that needs to be handled differently each time it visits. I’ve noticed, however, that receiving more natural sunlight keeps away the typical headaches that used to become migraines. Vitamin D is a much needed nutrient—something I always knew but never practiced. I grew up in a dark house, kept company by a book, television, or computer. Sunlight just wasn’t needed. At least, I didn’t think I needed it. I’ve since moved back to the house where I grew up, which is much more shaded with trees, and I’ve made an effort to get more Vitamin D. I’ve also repainted my bedroom.

The concept of color therapy was introduced to me a few years ago, and while at the time I considered it important for home decorating, I’ve found its psychological importance since discovering its benefit. While I don’t believe a specific color fixes a specific problem because every person has his and her preferences, I believe that some colors are prone to relax and others to rejuvenate (ex: blues and grays). Since painting over the pastel pink in my bedroom (which I always hated and had no choice over) to a more preferred color, I’ve found it easier to get to sleep at night.

For the past year, I’ve kept my bedroom window at my parent’s house open, stray beams of light complimenting the calming new gray on my walls. When I read, I do so in the room of the house that gets the most natural sunlight. In my bedroom, I keep my curtains open until bedtime and open them again as soon as I wake up. These two little changes have made such a difference that I’ve finally realized their benefits.