I like reading challenges, and they’re especially fun in the summer. Know what else is fun in the summer? Children’s books. It truly makes me feel like a kid to read outdoors in the front yard or protect a library paperback from splashing water as I walk across the community pool yard.

My local library always had a summer reading program for children. At the beginning of the program, a small celebration was held. Participants received forms on which to list 5 books they read. For each form that was completed, everyone got to pin their name to a makeshift castle that was built for the occasion. Every time I finished a form, I had a pleasant sense of accomplishment and loved counting how many times my name appeared on the castle. I made it a point to read a lot during the summer!

I invite other bloggers, writers, and curious adults to relive childhood this summer through literary blasts from the past. But, by all means, don’t limit yourself to your own childhood era. Explore the novels of the current young generation.

This summer, I’ll embark on a reading challenge. For 100 days, beginning on Towel Day, May 25, and ending on September 1, I’ll be reading 52 children’s novels. These will be stand-alone books as opposed to parts of a series because, when planning out which books I would read, the series selections alone came to a total of 124 books. I think I’ll save those for next year.

What were your favorite novels to read as a child? Were they classics or modern rule breakers?

By far, mine was The Witches by Roald Dahl. My third grade teacher read it to our class and did the voice of the head witch perfectly. For several years after that, I annually reread the book to relive the experience.

I look forward to revisiting other books I don’t remember quite as well and trying out the novels of my peers that I never got to read.

How many books will you be reading this summer?

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