I’m back to reading 100 pages a day now that I can touch books without exposing them to liquid boogers (i.e. my cold is better). Why 100 pages? I did some math for this challenge. The best kind of math, too: slightly inaccurate and awaiting adjustments. If all 52 books average at 200 pages, then if I want to read all of them within 100 days I would have to read about 100 pages per day. I knew it would be difficult to keep this up every day, no matter how much I love to read, because stuff happens. The beginning of my challenge was delayed because of a collaborative weekend with my co-writer (excuses) and I certainly didn’t intend to get sick on vacation (road blocks).

This puts a damper on my planning. I can get obsessive about planning these things, but I have fun with it. What isn’t fun is falling behind, but I will pull it together because I know this fun has only just begun.

I finished Matilda last week for a Roald Dahl post, but the other book I wanted to read for the post has been out of my reach. Neither of my libraries have it. I’m this close to calling a childhood boyfriend to see if he still has his copy. My local, used bookstore had zero copies. Anything short of buying a brand new copy. Did I mention I’m a cheapskate?

To make up for this time, I’ve started reading books for other posts I wanted to make for this Children’s Lit Challenge. Ironically, this time-saving has delayed my posting; I have to actually read the books before I can write about them. This post is just a quick update. Here are themes I have already planned and will get to soon:

Summer (and Winter) Chillers

Books that Made the Teacher Cry

Escapist Fantasty

Mortality in Children’s Fiction

WWII Beyond the Camps

I’ve been wanting to find a small collection of coming-of-age stories, but since children’s novels are usually about important life lessons, it feels like all of these books are coming-of-age tales in their own ways. This theme would be impossible to finish! I’m trying not to find books for this theme because it would almost be taking the easy way out, but I’m always open to recommendations if you feel strongly about one or two books.

If you have ideas for themes you’d like to have me write about or read for yourself, definitely drop a comment here.