Since the creation of this blog in February of this year, the little web corner you’re looking at right now has changed bit by bit each month. The greatest differences you might see aren’t in the physical appearance; it’s the name. What you title a blog says a lot about the content you’ll find within, right? That might not be so.

Since creating what I’d hoped to be a portfolio, my content, or what I hope to put out there soon, hasn’t changed. Herein, you’ll always find observations of my fandoms, books and more books, inquisitive notions about fashion, and general things I find humorous. Nothing about this blog has changed since Post 1 despite any changes, large or small, I may have made.

The title did transform quite a bit from something generic to a tip of the hat to fandom, then to a joke my loving family made. Whatever I decided to call this overall collection of posts, the subject selection wouldn’t change. The name of something doesn’t prophesy all you’ll find within it. My own name could be Eloise or Chuck and you wouldn’t care. The character inside is more important than any title be it clever and cutesy, contemplative and poetic, or an overall shout to the world, “This is me; this is my name.”

“If you call me Gothy Smurf one more time…”

The experience and value of this little corner of the web may always be up to the reader. People see or read different things from the same piece. I know these words are going somewhere, reaching someone, but if my content won’t change for each title I come up with for this blog, and if my subject matter is generally broad, why should the title be more eye-catching than the posts readers will really be looking at?

Thought, anyone?