Since I last partook in manga (high school), I’ve become a much faster reader. This is a disadvantage for Manga Month. Although this art form is easy to read and tempting to read quickly, it’s important to remember that the pacing is part of the effect.

While reading Girl Got Game (better known as Power!!) by Seino Shizuru, I found it hard to get into the story. The problem? I was reading it too quickly. Scenes in which basketball was being played should go quickly, but the artist usually takes care of that in the art.

Take this page from Volume 4 of Girl Got Game. Try reading it at a slow pace, taking in each picture before moving on. Then, try whizzing through it.


When I read this page slowly, it matches what I see in anime shows.

Here’s another page from the same volume. The artist/author adds appropriate noise to make the scene go faster.


See what I mean?

Perhaps I should have started with some Yuu Watase, who is a master at pacing (and diagonal lines!). Below is an example of one character’s hurried action that turns into a pause (from Alice 19th).


I’ve always been biased toward shoujo anyway. ^.^ Happy reading!