It’s been a wild ride in only 28 days. I’ve been reading as much fiction as manga lately, so I didn’t get to the 6th manga challenge as presented in my original Manga Month post.

These are the mangas I explored this month:

  • Girl Got Game (also known as Power!!) by Seino Shizuru – A tasteful gender-bender. I finished most of this. I lost interest somewhere in volume 8
  • Alice 19th by Yû Watase – A fantasy about an outcast. Although I lost interest in volume 2, this was because I started the series with an actual VIZ Media translation and read volume 2 in a fan sub that was a little weird. Lesson learned: buy the series by the same publisher so you will get consistent information. I definitely want to buy the rest of the series because it looks goooood.
  • Heaven by Seino Shizuru – No idea. I quickly lost interest in this one, but the fan sub might have been at fault. It’s a cute idea, and I like fantasy, but it just didn’t wow me into staying interested.
  • Imadoki by Yû Watase – A love story involving plants. I’m still reading this. So far, it’s cute. Since my library actually has the whole series, and it’s only 5 volumes long, I’ll definitely finish it. Can’t wait!
  • Re-Gifters by Mike Carye, Sonny Liew, and Marc Hempel – A martial arts enthusiast who faces personal troubles in LA. OK, this isn’t a real manga. I didn’t know that when I reserved it online. I felt meh about this one, but high schoolers and middle schoolers would like the plot.

Hey, I never said I had to finish each series! And although I didn’t get to explore more authors, I learned a lot about my tastes. Man, I missed shôjo. Although I don’t much care for Fushigi Yugi or Ceres: Celestial Legend, Yû Watase fits my tastes.

For the next year, I’ll be on the hunt for a few mangas because I only own the first volumes of each. Dang it. And, unfortunately, I probably won’t touch any more manga until next February. There’s still that pile of books I’ve had since this summer, so I’ve got to go weed that before my second summer children’s literature challenge.

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In the meantime, I feel a comic book challenge is in order. ^_^