In case you didn’t read last week, I’m documenting my job search as a game of Risk (the board game). This will most certainly not go as planned.

As you saw in week one, I got an interview!

Risk, Week 1

Week 1.
I have won one territory out of three battles.
Job titles are blurred for the companies’ protection.

But then the entire position was withdrawn (so they say).

Here’s what I think really happened: when my people attacked Brazil, they brought a deadly virus with them that killed off the population. (Or a zombie attack. Can’t rule those out these days.) There’s no use expanding your nation when the people you’re trying to conquer all die, so I withdrew my application/battle. Luckily, Peru and Argentina quickly moved in and repopulated. I staged another attack.

Something else happened; I made a new job category out of North America. Originally, I’d wanted to travel around the globe territory-to-territory rather than jumping from continent to continent. I’d intended to move up into the Americas, but this job post presented itself and I couldn’t ignore it. Let’s pretend I got on a boat and took a pleasure cruise to Central America.

Risk, Week 2

Week 2.
Attack on Brazil still pending. Attacks on most places still pending.
Job titles are blurred for the companies’ protection.

And forget Venezuela for now! Africa awaits. I got an interview in Africa (not the real Africa) so fingers crossed that the plague doesn’t get us again. Congo, save yourself!

Much more recently, I applied to this one place that didn’t even say what type of company they were. (How can I know what I’m applying for if you don’t tell me what you are, mo-fos?) Because the position advertised was similar to the others in Africa, I marooned them in Madagascar. The next day, the manager emailed and I found out the actual name of the place. It didn’t fit into Africa at all, so I used this company to move into Europe!

This week alone, I applied for 2 jobs in one professional category and 4 in another. I feel done for a while, but the quest for world domination must continue.