Part of a series in which Befferkins plays out her job search on the board game Risk.

My job search has been going well in that I’ve gotten several interviews. I have had or will have four by the end of this coming week. All this plundering is exhausting though! Last week was a mess of information and dates as applying for eight positions the week before gave me responses I had never ever gotten in all of my search before this. Using the Risk board has helped me keep all of this straight. As for how I feel about interviews? Arr, they still blow.

So now my plot for world domination has made me a pirate. With all the territories I’m sacking, I feel like one. Thankfully, I’m not a diseased pirate. The epidemic I brought to South America has stayed there. As a matter of fact, South America is thriving! I now hold Venezuela.

Week 3.Four territories are at my mercy.

Week 3.
Four territories are at my mercy.

I admit, though, that I cheated with Venezuela. Call it penicillin. Although I originally intended to only include my March applications, I’m happy to announce I got an interview in something I applied for at the end of February. That’s worth celebrating! I made up for what happened with Central America.

The way I see Africa now, if East Africa would just show some interest in me I could write off Madagascar, Egypt, and South Africa. I mean, no one lives there anyway, right? XD

It’s time I move into Asia. I have something in mind for Australia and would like to conquer a few territories on the way. (Cue evil laughter.)

Alas, this week I must take a break. My writing—my real occupation—needs me. I will return soon with other posts and a continued job search.