The Children’s Lit Summer is 1/3 finished and I’ve completed only one series. Why? Accessibility.

In the midst of reading Alanna by Tamora Pierce, I’ve had to return and re-reserve three of the four novels. In between waiting for these to arrive at the library, I’ve finished an American Girl series (more on that tomorrow) and lined up a dozen more books I wish to read. I won’t start on the new books until a week from now because, alas, I don’t want to start reading something else until I’ve finished what I’ve started.

Now, having to return a book to the library does not in any way shame me about not yet finishing that series. But, you see, I’ve always had ADD—especially when it comes to “shiny new” syndrome with books. This must by why I’ve always found it hard to read any book start-to-finish without exploring another at the same time. To prevent “shiny new” from happening, I must keep no other books around but the ones I wish to plow through. Fat chance of that happening.

In self-defence, I wonder: should one explore a single series start to finish without partaking in other books? Should one take a break between books with a little romp to another wordy land? Some might not have a choice but to wait between instalments if the most recent instalment hasn’t been published yet. But what if you have acquired the entire series for a very short amount of time? Should you marathon it? Carry on how life dictates and hope you can finish it in a suitable amount of time?

Why am I here, carrying on about this? I should get reading!

How do you read a series?