I might have entered a new age of technology. If not, I may have started to fall off the face of the Earth. For at least a year, I haven’t logged into two of my email addresses.

Why? One email is reserved for junkmail and family forwards. (Sorry, family.) The other was made to be a professional address. In the time I’ve been “away,” the family email has filled with its junkmail and I no longer needed the professional address for job-hunting because—guess what—I got a job.

But there’s more to this electronic mail fast. This habit has popped up at work, where I can easily go a whole week without checking my business email. (In all honestly, my position is such that I only need to go online when I want to take a break from my regular tasks.)

So, what’s the problem? I should be free! Free to get away from my computer more often, read online articles that I have sought all by myself, or have more time to feed my new Starcraft habit! Well, in the time I was away from email, I was on Facebook and Reddit more often. These things will eat your soul (and so will Twitter, and Cracked, and The Onion, and Hulu, and Youtube, and…). For the first time since sixth grade, when I got my first email address in the year of 1998 (I know, shut up), I was disconnected from a chunk of my life. It felt weird. A good weird.

Unfortunately, I also left WordPress and other sites I used to adore and waste time on. This was became good thing; I introduced my free time to language learning, favourite television shows, and worked on about seven novels. The amount of achievement I now feel is a very, very good thing.

So, what’s next? Those emails aren’t going to clean out themselves. My fellow WordPressers (WordPressians?) still need readers. I’ll have to give up something else that takes precious minutes of every one of my days. (Facebook, I’m looking at you.)

In short, I suppose what I’m saying is “I have returned,” in the voice of a Dragoon (Starcraft) and “I have returned–to haunt you!” in the voice of Sir Percival Blakeney, Bt (The Scarlet Pimpernel, 1982) why not.


P.S. A lot of this said junkmail came from WordPress. Funny!