Parents everywhere have lectured us for eating a cookie before dinner. “It will spoil your appetite!” Well, I believe having sweets before a meal is a fine appetizer.

Disciplinarians might keep us from the cookie jar because dessert might be a reward to them. If you don’t yadda yadda yadda, you won’t get a treat. I’m the kind of person who gives herself a reward before accomplishing something. Sometimes, it leads to procrastination. Other times, it’s a good opening for greatness to come.

Dessert before dinner is a warm-up. You have to limber up before and after an exercise. You have to get those muscles working and cool down appropriately when the task is finished. For my current reading challenge, I’ve definitely been having my dessert while removing the library books from my house that wouldn’t support what the challenge is about. I’ve read a few juvenile books to prepare mind for the intake of teen lit. I’m hoping the teen literature will be more sophisticated than the picture books I’ve absorbed lately, but as of I doubt it.

Hopefully, my dinner in the near future will taste even better than the dessert I’m having now. If Mom isn’t self-conscious about her own cooking, she’ll allow it.