As far as today goes, one thing is certain: I need to lay off the Batman for a while.


Of the 19 books I have read or am currently reading, half of those have been comic books. This challenge has actually turned into a comic book spree; if I sees them while shelving at the library, I gets them. I gets them hard. It was an innocent little pleasure until I read Batman: The Long Halloween and went on a Gotham library spree (as opposed to a crime spree; I’m not sure which would be more fun for the Joker scholar). When I realized just how Bat-and-friends-obsessed I’m been becoming, I returned ALL my Batman comics. Another time, my pretties.

And then I found this TV show trailer in my feed after returning from said library. I know the show will be so terribly full of terrible melodrama, but this was my actual face by the end of the trailer:


Another post for another time, fellow fans.

Bring on the statistics! As of today, give or take some crap in my Goodreads tags, I have read 4 kids novels, 5 legit YA novels, and 9 comic books.

  • Of all the 9 novels I read, 6.7 had female protagonists. Some novels were split between male and female characters, and for some reason I’m counting an Avatar comic as a kid’s novel here but whatever.
  • 7 of the 9 comics I read had male protagonists.
  • The average publication year for all materials read so far is 2009.

Do you see a pattern here? I do. Females rule novels, males rule comics. I’m going to do some exploring to see if, at the end of the challenge, this will still be true.

“What about your goals to pay attention to romance, diversity, and dystopia?” Funny you should ask, invisible person typing at my keyboard. Here’s the run down so far:

  • 72% of protagonists were white. Now, I didn’t count two books featuring Katniss because Collins described her as having “olive” skin. Compared to my Elmer’s Glue arms and legs, that’s quite tan.
  • 28% of novels featured romance as a primary or secondary plot. That’s surprisingly very little compared to what I dreaded having to read!
  • And dystopia? Meh. I’d say 16% is listed as dystopia in their publishers’ genre descriptions. (Superheroes don’t count, although Uncanny X-Force might.) It seems I’m not paying attention to this as well as other aspects of YA, but this may change once I read more manga

Goals for the rest of the challenge are to read some manga and a bunch of wonderful, random crap. I shall only pursue comic books if I’m finishing the Kick-Ass series, Ultimate Spider-man series, or selecting a comic with youngish protagonists (just as Kick-Ass and Ultimate Spider-man do).

This has been a great adventure. I can’t wait to see what else it brings.

In the last post of the challenge, I’ll list my ratings of the books and more!