bannerbaseAs I came home from the hubbub of work today, I found myself craving some foreign language. Yesterday, on the first day of the Foreign Language Only challenge, I began watching a Korean drama called Big and, two episodes in, I’m enjoying it very much. It’s been at least one year since I saw a good K-drama, and this one delivers all the drama and comedy. I have to be careful with my intake, though. If I watch too much of it, I’ll soon greet my co-workers with “안녕하세요!” (I don’t even know Korean, but I wish I did.) Watching something other than English/American materials is a great way to remove remaining dialogue and monologues from the workday and truly relax.

On the Sunday the 14th, the last day English was allowed, I binged on books, I admit, perhaps a little too much. Library due dates dictated what I read that afternoon. In the evening, I treated myself. My last meal was two helpings of Modern Family on TV, followed by a chapter of Ray Bradbury about feeding the Muse, and for dessert I flailed around in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Day One began well enough with Sailor Moon (the original), followed by some Naruto for shits and giggles. Reading subtitles so soon after waking up contributed to my growing migraine, so I won’t be doing that again. Sailor Moon will wait for another time of day.

This morning, I began watching Scrubs in German and discovered an original show called Stromberg that’s inspired by The Office. It appears Scrubs is better suited to my comedy level auf Deutsch because it’s more physical. I can’t complain; guess who gets to rewatch her favourite show! I’m looking forward to discovering Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer’s Patient and finding out whether he shouts “Wer bin ich?!” or something else in the English-to-German translation.

Scrubs, season (Staffel) 1, episode (Folge) 1:


Strombreg, Staffel 1, Folge 1:

So far, my brain hasn’t gotten too confused. There was a funny moment on Day One when my mother said, “Should I speak to you in another language for your challenge?” (She knows a little French.) “Sure,” I replied, not intending to listen to her either way. “Why not?” Immediately, my mother asked me something in French. Because I had just watched an episode in Japanese, I thought she was speaking French with thick Japanese accent.

A smattering of my books.

A smattering of my books.

All is quiet on the language front. Surprisingly, I find myself bored with the usual language learning message boards I used to frequent. This is good. This means my mind is opening to other forms of entertainment. Some of this entertainment includes catching myself replacing words in my mind with their German equivalent, but I did that long before this.

The actual challenge of this silly month is just beginning. I miss reading already, and won’t soon delve into my pile of novels and language books. When I pass a family member watching television, I find myself lingering to listen. Twice today, I’ve caught myself doing this as well as stopping by to hear headlines on the world news.

Should I continue watching the world news? So much is happening that I feel I should be paying attention to.