Hi-diddly-ho there, bloggerinos! (Bloggians? Bloggerites? Bloggessians?) I’m back with a vengeance—for books!

The most joy I’ve ever gotten out of this blog has been from my challenge posts, specifically the ones about books. (I lie; FLOM was pretty good. Pretty darn good if you’re George of the Jungle.) I don’t normally read other people’s reading logs because to each their own, and don’t even like to write about every. single. book. I encounter because my life shouldn’t be one long book report. I don’t even write about every book in each of my challenges (anymore) because I’m not your little literature monkey. Go read your own damn library binges! …*ahem*

But I love these challenges. It makes the need to read every book in the world less daunting, and gives a little method to my madness. It gives me something to plan and look forward to outside the writing of my own novels, which everyone will be forced to read and report on within their own blogs.

With or without the constant spamming of my fictional adventures, I’d like to update you now on my current challenges. Three are coming up, starting in January, and I can’t wait to tell you about them.

Without further Ado, I announce the next three reading challenges for which you can join me!


New, this winter: Author Appreciation Month! I’d like to invest a whole month on one author. Future years may explore my current favorites or the works of classic writers long gone. This year will be Stephen King. Why him? You’ll have to come back in January to find out. (Come on, I have to leave you wanting more somehow.)


I’ll resurrect Manga Month and add all graphic novels in general. Why? Because Batman, that’s why! This year’s manga will probably be strictly from the more adult section of my local library.

March through August

I call this one “At the Mercy of My Library.” It’s a half-year of something I can’t even define yet. It’s super top-secret for now, but I can tell you it involves 45 books of randomness and probably some torture at the hands of general fiction.

I can’t wait for the Mercy Challenge. Yeah, that’s a good name for it.

I depart for now, fellow readers, and pare down my fluctuating, though somehow always expanding, pile of material.