If you’re a writer, I dare you to begin your next piece with this sentence: “Stephen King is on his way.” Why? Because it’s creepy as fuck, that’s why.

Last January I told you all I was exploring Mr. King’s works this year. Since the year is almost over, let’s wrap this up.

See the linked post above. Hey, see this trailer for the new play starring Bruce Willis and Laurie Metcalf!

Children of the Corn
I didn’t care for this. It summarizes too much. I don’t care for short stories anyway. Yeah, I’m picky.

This was a little better. This guy discovers a Kindle with news articles from alternate realities. So, basically the internet.

Under the Dome
I bought this with the intention of reading it and following up with the miniseries. I never did either. I still own the book, though! Someday. *pet*

On Writing
His writing advice. It’s on my list because it’s highly recommended. I just wanted to mention it to everyone.

The Shining
I’m currently reading this for Christmas. Yeah, I said Christmas. It takes place in the winter, right? DON’T JUDGE ME.


Next year, I’m working on my content.