If you've ever wanted to read every book in the library, maybe you should rethink that.

Once upon a time, this little bloggess decided to read children’s books all summer long. This turned into an annual trend and expanded to include more genres. Keep stopping by to see what I’ll feature in the next challenge!


At the Mercy of My Library

Reading extravaganzas (in order of most recent):

Manga Month 2015 – A not-as-ambitious take on 2013’s Manga challenge (February)

Author Appreciation Month – This year: Stephen King. (January until whenever I say so)

Foreign Language Only Month – One month of media in any language but English

The Half-Year of Young Adult – Nothing but YA novels and graphic novels for half a year (January through August, 2014)

Children’s Series challenge – Six Juvenile series, or parts of a series, for 100 straight days (May 25 through September 1, 2013)

Manga Month 2013 – Six manga series in a whole month (February)

Children’s Literature challenge – 52 Juvenile chapter books in 100 days, introductory post here (May 25 through September 1, 2012)

You can identify my children’s reading challenge book posts by this font. I’m apparently terribly at the WordPress.

Other challenges:

Risk, A Job Search – In which I play my unemployment like a board game and get hired because I can’t stop filling out applications (March 15 through May 6)


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