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A few weeks ago I had an update on how my job search as a game of Risk was going. The updated map looked pretty much like Week 3, give or take one territory battled and two territories won. I had a plan for both the elusive Greenland and tempting Australia, plans that would keep me from finishing the board with no jobs and much misery.

Week 3. Four territories are at my mercy.

Week 3.
Four territories are at my mercy.

Instead, I write this post as the Napoleon, the Genghis Kahn, the Alexander of all job hunting; I won the world!

Here is the final map:

Week 4-5 The turquoise territories are completely at my mercy.

Week 4-5
The turquoise territories are completely at my mercy.

Okay, technically, I won three continents: South America, Africa, and Europe. My game goal was to earn one territory/job to win the whole board, and with these three I feel as though I’ve won the actual world.

A little disclaimer: While job hunting and getting and having is serious business, it’s absolutely terrible work. You can’t deny that. My point here is MY SYSTEM WORKED. You CAN make anything into absolute silliness.

And you know what? I accepted two of the offers. TWO, MOTHER-TRUCKERS! Australia, go crawl into a hole!

If you know anyone who has made a game of their job search, tell me about it!


Part of a series in which Befferkins plays out her job search on the board game Risk.

My job search has been going well in that I’ve gotten several interviews. I have had or will have four by the end of this coming week. All this plundering is exhausting though! Last week was a mess of information and dates as applying for eight positions the week before gave me responses I had never ever gotten in all of my search before this. Using the Risk board has helped me keep all of this straight. As for how I feel about interviews? Arr, they still blow.

So now my plot for world domination has made me a pirate. With all the territories I’m sacking, I feel like one. Thankfully, I’m not a diseased pirate. The epidemic I brought to South America has stayed there. As a matter of fact, South America is thriving! I now hold Venezuela.

Week 3.Four territories are at my mercy.

Week 3.
Four territories are at my mercy.

I admit, though, that I cheated with Venezuela. Call it penicillin. Although I originally intended to only include my March applications, I’m happy to announce I got an interview in something I applied for at the end of February. That’s worth celebrating! I made up for what happened with Central America.

The way I see Africa now, if East Africa would just show some interest in me I could write off Madagascar, Egypt, and South Africa. I mean, no one lives there anyway, right? XD

It’s time I move into Asia. I have something in mind for Australia and would like to conquer a few territories on the way. (Cue evil laughter.)

Alas, this week I must take a break. My writing—my real occupation—needs me. I will return soon with other posts and a continued job search.

In case you didn’t read last week, I’m documenting my job search as a game of Risk (the board game). This will most certainly not go as planned.

As you saw in week one, I got an interview!

Risk, Week 1

Week 1.
I have won one territory out of three battles.
Job titles are blurred for the companies’ protection.

But then the entire position was withdrawn (so they say).

Here’s what I think really happened: when my people attacked Brazil, they brought a deadly virus with them that killed off the population. (Or a zombie attack. Can’t rule those out these days.) There’s no use expanding your nation when the people you’re trying to conquer all die, so I withdrew my application/battle. Luckily, Peru and Argentina quickly moved in and repopulated. I staged another attack.

Something else happened; I made a new job category out of North America. Originally, I’d wanted to travel around the globe territory-to-territory rather than jumping from continent to continent. I’d intended to move up into the Americas, but this job post presented itself and I couldn’t ignore it. Let’s pretend I got on a boat and took a pleasure cruise to Central America.

Risk, Week 2

Week 2.
Attack on Brazil still pending. Attacks on most places still pending.
Job titles are blurred for the companies’ protection.

And forget Venezuela for now! Africa awaits. I got an interview in Africa (not the real Africa) so fingers crossed that the plague doesn’t get us again. Congo, save yourself!

Much more recently, I applied to this one place that didn’t even say what type of company they were. (How can I know what I’m applying for if you don’t tell me what you are, mo-fos?) Because the position advertised was similar to the others in Africa, I marooned them in Madagascar. The next day, the manager emailed and I found out the actual name of the place. It didn’t fit into Africa at all, so I used this company to move into Europe!

This week alone, I applied for 2 jobs in one professional category and 4 in another. I feel done for a while, but the quest for world domination must continue.

I’m bored and unemployed. I have an over-active imagination and like to make things complicated by over-planning. All of this is a dangerous combination.

All of this is why I’d like to start a new trend: treating the mundane job search like a board game. You can also choose Life, Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, or anything that brings out your competitive streak. My game is Risk.

Here’s how I’m going to play: I’ll start at the bottom of South America and work my way around the board depending on what jobs I apply to. The goal is to get Australia. (Sweet, innocent Australia.) Each continent represents a type of company. For others playing the game, each might represent a city, a pay amount, or a title. Depending on where I apply, I may drift over to Africa or head into North America. My over-planning gave me such a headache with this, but it worked out.

I'm not sure yet what if I'll do anything with the lines in the bottom left corner.source: boardgamegeek.com

I’m not sure yet what if I’ll do anything with the lines in the bottom left corner. Something victorious, I’ll bet.(image source: boardgamegeek.com) 

Because I suck at physically applying for these jobs, I’m going to treat each application like a battle. My battles will be listed in their respective territories. For each interview I receive, I’ll “win” that territory. If I get a job out of this, well, then we’re all winners.

I know this isn’t how real Risk is played. Some things have to be changed for the job hunt. Because getting an interview in itself feels like a victory among the many unanswered applications I send out, I’m excited to find out how many territories I’ll win by the end of this.

Here’s my success so far (click to enlarge):

I have won one territory out of three battles.Job titles are blurred for the companies' protection.

I have won one territory out of three battles.
Job titles are blurred for the companies’ protection.

In the above picture, you see I’ve applied to jobs with a strategy in mind. Knowing I had more interest in Africa than North America, I made it a priority to apply to the Brazilian territory of South America right after I applied to Argentina. This way, I can move on to Africa before South America is filled completely. After I go into Africa, I can choose to fill it before moving on to Europe or Asia. What I decide to do depends on how things in Africa are going. At the very least, once I’ve applied to “North Africa” I can decide to move into Europe, if I so desire.

Are there bugs? Of course. I have no idea yet what Australia will be. Maybe it will be a “fuckitall” round, the antithesis of a planned job search. By the time I reach Australia, I hope to have waged battles in as much of the other continents as possible.

Also, I’m trying to figure out if I should do anything with additional troop numbers. Maybe use them as rewards when I fill up the continents? I don’t even know.

If your job search were a board game, what would it look like? What would be your plan of attack?

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