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As soon as yesterday’s post was published and I’d reviewed it one last time, I began thinking, “I wonder who others would have picked if the five I chose weren’t available.” What immediately followed was, “Oh, crap! I missed so many people!” And so, I must extend my list to the Top Ten Sexiest Male Voices On Television!

The following can be presented only as a last minute addition to the previous Top Five list as I have not had the time or the means to reorganize them. I would also like to make note that Anthony Head and Diedrich Bader would make the eleventh and twelfth.

10. James Lipton
I’m not an actor, and so I don’t much care to sit around watching people talk about The Craft, but I will watch Inside the Actor’s Studio to hear questions put in a way only Lipton could. I need to book myself double the time of any of his interviews to allow his calm and curious demeanor wear off before and after each inquiry.

9. John Rhys-Davies
Although he’s known mostly for his movie roles, I remember him as Professor Arturo in a little ’90s show called Sliders. I used to watch this with my brother when we were kids, and to this day he remains my strongest memory of the entire series—even stronger than that worm hole the characters jumped through at least once per episode. :3 Not to mention he looked to me like such a cuddly teddy bear, I wish to have a giant bear with a John Rhys-Davies voice box and endless supply of batteries.

8. Sacha Dhawan
I’m not sure which I like better—his real accent or his Indian character on a show that was called Outsourced. I love Indian accents in general, but Sacha’s real voice is very likely more irresistible. Below, he talks about his character in the show.

7. John Lithgow
I first knew him as Dick from 3rd Rock from the Sun, but it was clear even in my young mind that Lithgow is a guy of renowned training. He’s quite good at making little things melodramatic, and as you’ll see in the below link, I know what I’m talking about. Under the hilarity of any performance of his, you must admit he catches your attention.

Enjoy a video on the Colbert Nation of John Lithgow’s performance of a Gingrich press release. (I never tire of watching it.)

6. Patrick Stewart
I’ve never met anyone who admitted Mr. Stewart wasn’t either sexy or amazing, and I hope never to meet anyone who would.


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