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If you love all the food and gaudiness of Halloween and Christmas but think the celebration of Halloween doesn’t go on long enough, here’s a holiday for you. It’s called Halloween-Christmas and it’s wonderful.

The premise is simple: put up all the Christmas and Halloween decorations you have, cook all the peppermint, pumpkin, and egg nog items you love, and invite your friends to wear costumes for an all-day—or, for the hard-core celebrators, all-weekend—celebration of your favourite things about these two holidays.

A friend and I met at her house, inviting other friends who lived in town. Between the two of us and her excellent baker of a roommate, this party was over-planned for the minimal amount of people we invited. All of us being of minimal salaries, it was also under-decorated—but that didn’t stop the fun!

We had way too much food for six people.

We had way too much food for six people.
Click to enlarge.

The food table, our pride and joy, is seen on the right. The menu for this weekend was as follows.

Warm Beverages of Holiday flavor
pumpkin spice coffee
hot chocolate
chai tea
peppermint tea
orange pop
apple cider

Assorted Food for the Dietary-Confused
pita chips and hummus
miniature pumpkin pies
general candy
candy canes
pumpkin ice cream
home-made apple sauce

Cupcakes were a special treat. Not everyone ate them, but everyone sure did decorate them. The themes, of course, were Autumn, winter, or holiday related. Out of indecision, our icing colors were limited to green, purple, black, and orange.

Halloween-Christmas cupcakes!Click to enlarge.

Halloween-Christmas cupcakes!
Click to enlarge.

Entertainment was the easiest to figure out. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Scrooged were selected because they both feature the Christmas holiday, Halloweenish themes, and Danny Elfman.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Recommended in 3D.


Recommended when sleep-deprived.

Party-friendly and zombie-unfriendly video games were also encouraged. Some of us learned how to play Phase 10 with much cursing. We also modified the game Quiddler by trying to make words that were related with Halloween-Christmas, with an incredibly simple point system based on whose word got the most laughs.

Our music selection, though, was the hardest to choose from because we wanted to include both holidays in all songs. While we didn’t succeed in including both with every track, we did a pretty darn good job. Below is our playlists (images taken directly from our own playlists, explaining some odd titles).


And naturally, there were the costumes. The following people attended the party:

the Ghost of Christmas Presents
a reveur from Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus
the lead skeleton from Ludo’s Skeletons On Parade
a werewolf
a cook and honored patron of Halloween-Christmas Weekend

If not bearing a costume, guests dressed in colors related to Halloween and/or Christmas. Somehow, a lot of us ended up wearing stripes. I took pictures of all of us, but as I didn’t ask everyone for permission to post their pictures online you’ll just have to use your imaginations. Here’s a little help: we’re all posing and smiling!

We have begun a tradition to last through October, November, and possibly December. It is, so far, a warm, sugary, sleepy tradition, and we hope to make it expand and liven through the years! Won’t you help?


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