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I love top favourite lists, even if they’re all clearly based on opinion. Well, I have opinions, too! Enjoy my completely biased list of THE sexiest male voices you’ll find on television these days. We start with the least of the five and work our way to the top with #1.

5. Alan Kalter
No one says ‘pants’ like this guy, especially ‘Worldwide Pants’, which is Letterman’s production company. Anything half serious that comes out of his mouth is funny, and his smooth, unfaltering voice definitely starts this list with a high bar.


4. Joel Godard
There’s a special place in my heart for Joel, especially because he used to introduce one of my favourite shows, Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I miss hearing him every night and hope to see him as a guest on Conan in the near future. His old friends aren’t kidding; this guy will do anything for a laugh.

Enjoy this lovely interview about his television history and what he’s been up to—with videos!

3. Scott Pelley
I watch the CBS Evening News, as opposed to other world news shows on other broadcast channels, for one reason more than any other: no matter what shite is going on in the world, Mr. Pelley’s gentle control carries reassurance that there’s a silver lining. Given all the bad things that are reported on the news, this responsibility means a lot.

2. Will Arnett
The owner of this gruff and arrogant character once credited his sound to smoking cigars as a child. (Don’t try it at home, kids.) He plays an ass unlike any other that even Joel McHale can’t top.

1. Patrick Warburton
I first loved him as the muscled dumb man Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove and the Tick in The Tick. Hilarious performances have been repeated in Family Guy, 8 Simple Rules, various movies, and, oh gosh, just about anything I see him in. How do I describe him? When he’s speaking loudly, it sounds as if he’s about to crack up at the absurdity of his line. And yet, with all the melodrama he’s good at, one must take him seriously for the deepness of his sound.

You may have noticed that most of these men are on comedy shows. These guys are funny, and funny is sexy. I don’t need to shove a half-assed magazine article in your face to convince you that.

Who are your top five sexiest male voices?


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